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Why is keyword research so important for SEO?

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You’ve heard it before: the first step to any effective Search Engine Optimization campaign is good keyword research. But, what is keyword research, and why is keyword research so important for SEO?

Keyword research and the effective use of keywords is the most important factor in determining what information your website relays to search engines. Finding the right keywords and choosing which to focus on is the key to leveraging effective keyword researchyour website’s ranking on search engine result pages.

So what is Keyword Research?

Keywords are the terms that users input into search engines to find information online. Keyword research seeks to determine how, exactly, your potential clients are searching for information relating to your product or service. Keyword research asks: “What “phrases” are searchers using?” “What type of information are users looking for?” and “How can I best leverage my website to appear when potential clients research my industry online?”

Keyword research also entails determining which keywords to emphasize for exposure on search engines, based on relevancy, competition and traffic potential. The best keyword research takes into consideration the varied types of search queries to “catch” clients with myriad search M.O.’s.

For regional focused businesses, local keyword research makes more sense. No matter what kind of online keyword research you conduct or which keyword research tips you follow, the bottom line is that effective keyword research can make or break your business.

Why Does Keyword Research Matter?

Knowing how your potential clients search for products and services online is essential to ensuring that yours is the business they find. Keyword research is a chance to get into the mind of your potential client and to discover what they’re searching for. What products do they need? What questions do they want answered? What problems are they facing? How can you solve their problems?

Importance of Keyword Research

There are many keyword research companies out there and many of them are very good, but unfortunately, many customers don’t realize the importance of this step and are often reluctant to pay for the keyword research service. Effective critical-aspect-keyword-researchresearch on profitable key phrases takes time and involves understanding your business, your customers and your goals and objectives. It even involves competitive analysis. Skipping this all too important step often results in precious time and money being wasted on ineffective keywords. Comprehensive keyword analysis can answer all of these questions. An SEO Company can look at your product or service to brainstorm the search terms (or keyword categories) that address the potential customer’s needs.

These keywords will then be tested and measured against each other based on relevancy, traffic potential (monthly searches), competition and conversions online. Of their newly narrowed list, our expert SEO Optimization Consultants will then determine which keywords to focus on.

Imagine how pleased your potential customers will be, when their search query turns up exactly what they’re looking for – your informational answer (with a call to action).

Stop wasting time and call us today to see how we can help you find more customers.

Choosing the Right Keywords

Effective keywords are focused to outrank your direct competitors. It may seem like a no-brainer to optimize for the most popular keywords, but a good keyword researcher will take a realistic approach to keyword usage. The most popular keywords often have the highest competition.

If you are a small start-up, you can’t hope to compete with the national or international brands that might dominate the results for a popular search query. Instead, a good SEO Company may focus on a less popular, but more relevant search term that gives you a better chance of ranking.

Focusing Your Keywords for SEO

Say you own a bed and breakfast located in Tampa Bay. What keywords do you optimize for? Traditional wisdom might tell you that your keywords should be “bed and breakfast” or even “Florida hotel.” But spending your time optimizing for either would be a mistake. Consider both the relevance and competition for the above terms.

Relevance describes how closely a search term relates to your industry. Someone searching simply “bed and breakfast” likely wants more general information and would do better with, say, the Wikipedia article. Your highly tailored site may not be relevant to their more vague needs.

An experienced keyword company can gauge the competition and relevance of all potential keywords to determine which keyword combinations will best serve your interests to target users with the best chance of converting.

At DigitalDodo, our expert keyword researchers can help take your business website to new heights. Contact us for a FREE consultation to get started with your SEO initiatives today!

Botify Software

Optimize your website to be ready for Google’s crawlers with Botify

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Most businesses live or die on Google search rankings. If you can’t crack the top few results, it’s almost impossible to consistently drive organic traffic to your site.

But how does Google decide which sites appear at the top of the results list? It uses Googlebot, a proprietary automated software script to “crawl” every website on the Internet and create an index that becomes the basis for search results. The problem is that this script is vague and mysterious, making it impossible for website creators to truly optimize for Googlebot and other search engines’ crawlers.

Enter Botify, a cloud-based crawler that will examine your website and create a detailed SEO analysis with actionable feedback. The French-based company, which launched today onstage at Disrupt NY, has already raised $7.2 million and on-boarded big-name customers like eBay, BlaBlaCar and Expedia.

But a few things make Botify stand out from the hundreds of other SEO companies out there.

First, the crawler is strong. The startup jokes that it holds the “world record” for most URLs crawled from a single website — 150,000,000. Botify also will let site administrators specify the crawl speed — anywhere from 10 to over 200 pages per second. Why would a site want its content crawled slower? Because Botify can crawl so fast that it sometimes stresses a site’s servers.

Besides a strong crawler overall, Botify can also detect which pages on a site have been crawled by Google. When Google crawls a site, it leaves traces in a site’s server logs. Once the site provides these logs to Botify, they can compare it with their own crawl to see if Google had visited a certain page.

Adrien Menard, co-founder and CEO of the company, explained that when “a page is not crawled by Google, it can’t drive any traffic and therefore any revenue. Pages ignored by Google represent a huge potential of traffic and revenue.”

So, Botify takes its crawl data and creates a unique recommendation report for websites. But unlike most SEO consultants, Botify won’t tell sites to add more content. Instead, the startup tells sites how to “organize site content to make it more efficient.”

Specifically, this includes how to organize internal links, how to direct Google to crawl specific pages over others and how to optimize pages to decrease load times.

This level of intense SEO work is probably better suited for larger websites, which Botify’s pricing structure alludes to. The least expensive plan is over $500 a month for a bot to crawl 5,000,000 URLs, and enterprise plans can run over $10,000 per year.

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Ironhack coding bootcamp raises $3,000,000 for it’s educuational establishments

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As the focus on new educational models and coding bootcamps continues to attract attention (rightly or wrongly) as a cure for the world’s economic woes, Ironhack, a coding bootcamp with campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Miami, has snagged $3 million in financing.

Madrid-based JME Venture Capital led the round, which will be used to set up new coding campuses in Latin America and Europe.

Founded by Ariel Quinones and Gonzalo Manrique, Ironhack launched its first bootcamp in Madrid in 2013 and followed it up with subsequent launches in Barcelona and Miami in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Earlier this year, the company opened a fourth bootcamp in Paris, and with its fresh fundings looks to continue its international expansion.

The U.S. market for coding schools has grown increasingly competitive and the market is already beginning to contract with the news from last week that Kaplan would shutter its three-year-old foray into the coding school market, Dev Bootcamp.

Kaplan acquired the coding school only two years after its launch, when it was still wildly unprofitable, and was looking for a buyer for the property before deciding to close it down.

According to Darrell Silver, the chief executive at Thinkful, another coding school business in the market, the main problem was that Dev Bootcamp didn’t have time to get its footing before its acquisition:

Startups in education have to walk a very thin line: Take risks to innovate (as all startups do) but don’t ever EVER put students on the line for those risks. So where an Instagram can add a feature and cut it a month later, schools adding a new program must commit to every student who enrolls for the year(s) it takes them to succeed, even if that means it’s a major financial loser for the business. If Kaplan had made the acquisition five or ten years later DBC would have had the chances to work this stuff out on its own dime and oversight.

Dev Bootcamp will not be the only school closing this year. Coding schools are pretty mainstream but the space is still crowded and only a few schools have the combination of talent, reputation, and investors necessary to innovate fast enough.

With its new funding, Ironhack hopes to be one of the survivors.

“We’re very excited to have JME join us as our partners,” says Quinones. “The moment that we first met them, we were impressed by their passion and understanding of what we’re building. Their investment will allow us to accelerate our pace of expansion, improve our product and curriculum, and hire top talent as we continue build one of the world’s top tech schools.”